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Marina Bay Sands unveils Patisserie Platine by Waku Ghin

Renowned chef Tetsuya Wakuda has launched the brand-new Patisserie Platine at RISE Lounge, offering 18 types of intricate pastries and petit cakes from the award-winning restaurant Waku Ghin.
The exclusive selection, created by Waku Ghin’s pastry team, is now available for takeaway or dine in at RISE lounge, located at the lobby of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Tower 1.
First introduced to rave reviews at the annual Epicurean Market, Waku Ghin’s pastries are hand-crafted to perfection. Each component of the pastries is made in-house, using premium ingredients and fresh seasonal fruits from Japan and Europe. The sublime creations are light on the palate, hitting the right notes for texture and flavours.
“Patisserie Platine is built on the culinary success of Waku Ghin. Creating a second concept comes after much thought – over the years, guests have told us that they love our desserts and want more. Seeing how our cakes were sold out daily during the recent Epicurean Market gave us the confidence to venture into this new area. It provides our talented pastry team another platform to showcase their immense creativity and passion. We are excited to start this new concept at Rise Lounge, which is accessible to many guests at Marina Bay Sands, and hope diners will fall in love with Patisserie Platine,” said Chef Tetsuya Wakuda, Waku Ghin at Marina Bay Sands.
The Ghin Cheese Cake, which has been the most popular dessert at Waku Ghin since its opening in 2010, is available under this new line. Light in texture with well-balanced notes, the Ghin Cheese Cake features a refreshing lemon curd in its centre and is finished with a light coat of sugar dusting and topped with a white chocolate feather. The Lemon Tarte is a tangy and refreshing pastry encased in a thin, crispy tart base and filled with a layer of olive oil sponge, followed by smooth lemon curd, sweet meringue and lemon peel.
For a unique blend of coffee and green tea, the Matcha Opera strikes a perfect balance of both tastes. The complex dessert is built on layers of almond sponge with espresso, matcha ganache, coffee butter cream and topped with matcha chantilly and matcha crumble. The exquisite Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry and Pistachio features multiple layers of ingredients starting with a chocolate sponge soaked in raspberry brandy syrup, pistachio crunch, pistachio mousse, raspberry sauce, chocolate mousse and a beautiful chocolate glaze. The petit cake is finished with the addition of Chocolate crumble, pistachio chantilly, fresh raspberries and a gold leaf at the top.
The Black Forest is a seasonal special, created to highlight the sweet and sour flavours of cherries which are in season. The cake has a chocolate terrine at its base, followed by chocolate cremeux, pistachio mousse and a thin layer of cherry sauce. A key highlight of the velvety cake is in its precise aesthetics, which features a cherry which has been infused in cherry liqueur, paired with a block of chocolate mousse sprayed with melted milk chocolate and exquisite chocolate curls.
Executive Pastry Chef Yasushi Ishino
The pastries are delicately designed by the pastry team at Waku Ghin, led by Executive Pastry Chef Yasushi Ishino, a veteran with over 15 years of experience in the art of pastry. Ishino began his career in Japan at the age of 19 in several upscale hotels, before moving to Paris in 2007 to deepen his craft in traditional French pastries. In 2010, Ishino was invited by Chef Tetsuya Wakuda to join him as the opening team at Waku Ghin in Marina Bay Sands, and he has since helmed the pastry programme as Executive Pastry Chef.
Patisserie Platine is available at RISE lounge from 11 am daily. The pastries are priced between S$10 – S$12++, while the Macaron selection is available at $25++ for a box of 12.
Menu – Patisserie Platine
? Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla and Macadamia
? Ghin Cheese Cake
? Strawberry Cheese Cake
? Coconut Mousse with Mango and Passion Fruit
? Matcha Opera
? Mille Feuille (Vanilla)
? Mont Blanc
? Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry and Pistachio
? Saint-Honore (Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Yuzu, Mascarpone)
? Tiramisu
? Savarin (Orange, Earl Grey)
? Fraisier
? Lemon Tarte
? Japanese seasonal Fruit Tarte
? Black Forest
? Chocolate Mousse with Hazelnut and Passion Fruit
? Tarte Tatin with Maple Syrup
? Macaron Selection


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