Home News Malfunctioning toilets cause two-day delay

Malfunctioning toilets cause two-day delay


Third time lucky for United Airlines passengers flying to Shanghai

A United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Shanghai was forced to wait two days in Anchorage, Alaska because of malfunctioning lavatories. The broken toilets were apparent three hours after take-off from San Francisco and the plane made an emergency diversion to Alaska’s Ted Stevens International Airport.
In Anchorage, the plane’s 262 passengers waited on the Boeing 777 until 20:00 before getting off. It was late in the evening by the time the airline had the meal and accommodation vouchers, since “everything was closed”.
A second Boeing 777 arrived the following day, but a computer glitch resulted in a wait of several hours before passengers were told to disembark once again. A third 777 arrived the day after that and successfully took off.


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