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Major cruise lines post onboard crime data


Most common allegations are rape and sexual assault

For the first time, the USA’s three biggest cruise lines have started posting on their websites extensive data on serious crimes allegedly committed aboard their ships.

The information is voluntarily, but it’s the result of growing pressure from crime victims and from Congress for greater accuracy about crime at sea.

Before this, the only access to such crimes was though US Coast Guard figures based solely on cases where the FBI had concluded an investigation.

Carnival Corp., Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line all posted data on their websites, showing many more crimes reported to security personnel than had previously been made public. However, as Associated Press points out, this is still small given the 17 million people who take a cruise in North America every year.

Since January 2011, the US Coast Guard has reported just 31 such crimes aboard cruise ships, in total. Now, however, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian report 94 crimes and 20 crimes, respectively, between October 2010 and the end of June 2013. The most common allegations are rape and sexual assault.


[pictured: Carnival ships docked at St Thomas, US Virgin Islands; photo by Calyponte / Wikimedia]


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