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Magaluf cleans up its image

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Resort town enforces “zero tolerance” policy

Since resolving to clean up its image, the holiday town of Magaluf on the Spanish island of Majorca has made progress with an increase in family visitors and a reduction in incidents of drunken behaviour.

The resort is two years into a five-year regeneration plan, which aims to attract more families and adult travellers, improve public order and modernise its hotel and leisure facilities, TTG reports.

The plan has already made a big difference in the type of holidaymakers now staying there, with families and adult couples now accounting for 70% of all guests – up by 13 percentage points on four years ago.

The number of younger tourists has dropped by seven points to 22% since 2013, as authorities have cracked down on drunken behaviour through a “zero tolerance” policy.

“The destination continues to improve year after year, and in 2017 we are presenting a summary similar to that of the excellent year in 2016, although with a greater number of overnight stays, longer hotel opening periods and a larger number of jobs created,” said Sebastian Darder, president of the Palmanove-Magaluf Hotel Association.

Better behaviour
Magaluf’s police and local authorities have continued to increase the enforcement of regulations, which has led to a “clear descent” in crime, drunkenness and public order incidents, Darder said.

The number of tourists being expelled by hotels for bad behaviour fell by 20% to a total of 156 during the 2017 season, compared with last year.

Andreu Serra, deputy mayor of Calvia and head of security, added: “In Magaluf we have implemented a zero tolerance policy towards antisocial behaviour and crime, and the result is very clear. Today we have a safer destination which is more family friendly, in spite of the increase in the number of tourists.”

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