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Madinat Jumeirah the Arabian Resort for Hollywood


Madinat Jumeirah rolls out the red carpet once again for international acting talent

Madinat Jumeirah, the luxurious Arabian resort of Dubai, is delighted to welcome Dubai International Film Festival for its 10th year.

Since its inception in 2004, Madinat Jumeirah has been the official home of this influential film platform, welcoming a galaxy of stars and VIP guests to the beautiful property each year. Over the past decade, Madinat Jumeirah has extended warm Arabian hospitality to Hollywood stars including Tom Cruise, Diane Kruger, Orlando Bloom, Christina Ricci, Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, Owen Wilson, Colin Firth, and Gerard Butler.

Last year top talent Cate Blanchett and Frieda Pinto lit up the red carpet, praising Madinat Jumeirah as a venue and location for DIFF.

Academy Award winner Cate, who will returns as a guest this year, said: “I think the venue is just wonderful. Madinat Jumeirah is akin to the Roman Empire, it’s so huge and expansive. Dubai is a gateway in so many ways, the UAE and Madinat are the perfect place to host DIFF.”

Actress Freida Pinto, who attended in 2012 as a jury member on the panel for short films, praised Madinat Jumeirah for providing world class hospitality to the movie industry attendees.

She said: “I absolutely love it. It’s a massive property, a big resort but I find everything from the staff to the restaurants, to even basic hospitality, like the doormen, fantastic. It’s so welcoming, you feel like you’re at home.

“You always think you get lost in this hotel, but you can’t because everyone is so friendly and guests are so well looked after. Every couple of metres there are hotel staff who will help and direct you to where you want to go, so you can’t even get lost even if you try.

“Dubai is beautiful place to work. It’s the kind of work I can really enjoy.”

The tenth edition of DIFF is set to take place between December 6 – 14, 2013. Madinat Jumeirah, home to the Dubai International Film Festival, is a principal sponsor of DIFF.


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