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Luxury & style define Inbal Jerusalem Hotel’s new design


The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel is a thirty year old Jerusalem landmark. The award winning five-star deluxe hotel, situated in the heart of Jerusalem overlooking the Old City walls, is known for its intimate authentic Jerusalem character and luxurious amenities.

The iconic structure, dedicated in 1983, was designed by the nationally renowned architect Yaakov Rechter. With its trademark Jerusalem stone exterior and interior, the Inbal was designed to emphasize the unique Jerusalem atmosphere to its guests and induce a warm, comfortable feeling.
In the rapidly changing tourism market, the Inbal is undergoing a massive plan of renovation and modernization led by international architect Michael Schwartz, while respecting the original architect’s vision and preserving his design motifs. Out of genuine admiration to Rechter’s plans, Schwartz treats the project as one with conservation values, modified to match modern style and tourism standards. The hotel upgrade brings a contemporary twist to the existing design, utilizing innovative construction techniques that were not available thirty years ago.
For instance, the sunshade at the hotel’s entrance façade was replaced with a hanging glass roof hanging that was technically impossible to build at the time the building was constructed. The new roof and the lighting design bestow a more modern look to the building front while preserving Rechter’s design spirit.
The hotel’s lobby has been re-designed with exquisite, high-end furniture, and expanded into the sunny courtyard, providing new naturally lit relaxation corners. The shopping arcade has also been completely remodeled, lightening up the entire front entrance of the hotel and enhancing the shopping experience with new open-plan stores. In line with the hotel’s family oriented atmosphere, additional sitting areas were added, supporting social gatherings in the hotel’s public areas.
The top three floors of the hotel, housing the prestigious executive rooms, have been completely revamped with new luxurious carpeting and décor in the hallways, doors and rooms. These rooms include a new modern interior decoration, new carpeting, furniture and bathrooms equipped with Italian Carrera Marble tiling, providing a contemporary, prestigious feeling.


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