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Luxury hotel marketing targets guest memories


Hotel chains switch from providing objects to creating moments

One of the effects of the financial crisis has been that wealthier hotel guests want experiences rather than objects or services. This means that some chains are now providing moments to remember. “Let us stay with you” is the new slogan of an ad campaign from Marriott International’s brand Ritz-Carlton. Similarly, the upscale Orient-Express Hotels’ new campaign has the theme “Embark on a journey like no other”. The goal is to measure a guest’s say not by the number of days but by the number of memories.
The Ritz-Carlton ads list ways that guests can create memories, such as “Let us invent a drink in your honour”, “Let us take you snorkelling by moonlight”, “Let us introduce your kids to a loggerhead turtle” and “Let us recreate the recipe from your favourite meal in Paris”. The Orient-Express campaign also urges guests to capture “unique experiences”.
The New York Times
[photo courtesy Ritz-Carlton]


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