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Luxury “divorce hotel” does good business


Couples can now end their disappointing marriages in luxury hotels

An enterprising Dutch entrepreneur has created the Divorce Hotel, offering a choice of luxury hotel stays for couples who want to end their marriages quickly and without the demeaning and constant presence of lawyers. Stays typically last during a three-day mediation process and can be booked at the luxury hotel of their choice. However, the couples initially endure an extensive interview process.
“Stays” cost around $3,500 – a saving on the thousands that an official divorce often costs. At the moment only Dutch couples can do this, but the entrepreneur, Jim Halfens, is working on launching Divorce Hotel in other countries, such as Germany. Halfens says he has received interested calls from as far away as Taiwan and Brazil.
USA Today
[pictured: Rembrandt’s depiction of Samson’s marriage feast]


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