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Lufthansa to make offer to striking pilots


CEO: “Offer will be communicated at start of next week”

Struggling to contain a series of damaging strikes – three in the space of two weeks – Lufthansa says it will offer pilots more definite details of an early-retirement package. The airline is cancelling more than a hundred flights in Munich today due to the latest strike, with cancellations and delays affecting 13,500 passengers.

“We want to provide the pilots with a more concrete offer, which we will work on over the next few days,” Lufthansa’s chief executive, Carsten Spohr, said. “This offer will be communicated at the start of next week.”

The strike by pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit today is hitting flights in Munich from 10:00 to 18:00 local time. Lufthansa typically operates around 320 flights to and from MUC during these times. It said that today’s strike may result in delays – but no cancellations – to long-haul flights.

As previously reported, the pilots want to increase pressure on Lufthansa in negotiations over an early-retirement scheme.


[photo courtesy Lufthansa]


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