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Lufthansa to be “almost normal” after last strike day


Total number of passengers affected passes half-million mark
Lufthansa passengers must be prepared for a final day of flight cancellations as flight attendants continue to strike. The airline has cancelled 941 flights but promises to return to “almost normal” air traffic on Saturday.
The last day of cancellations affect 110,000 passengers, pushing the total number of aggrieved passengers this week past the half-million mark to 550,000. Altogether the company was forced to cancel around 4,700 flights during the seven strike days.
After the end of the longest strike in the company’s history, Lufthansa is eager to “return to almost normal operations on Saturday and will offer its customers the usual service as soon as possible”.
All scheduled long-haul connections will be able to operate on Saturday, the carrier promises. Long-haul connections from Frankfurt to Hong Kong, Singapore, Rio and Sao Paolo that were scheduled to take off late on Friday evening will be delayed to Saturday morning, avoiding cancellation.
TTG Nordic / dpa / Tagesschau.de


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