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Lufthansa strikes likely as talks collapse


Cost of strikes could reach millions on days with lots of traffic

Talks over wages between Lufthansa and the UFO union representing cabin crews have collapsed. Union officials say that this will result in strikes, potentially causing travel misery for thousands of passengers. If strikes do go ahead, they will be the second wave of strikes affecting Frankfurt International Airport and Lufthansa this year following disruption by air traffic controllers.
UFO is demanding a 5% wage increase for 18,000 Lufthansa flight attendants, bonuses, plus a guarantee that the airline will not outsource jobs.
Two years ago, Lufthansa said that a four-day strike by pilots would cost it €25 million per day in lost revenue. Possible losses would be similar today.
Lufthansa’s board member for passenger business, Peter Gerber, commented yesterday: “The cost could reach millions on a day with a lot of traffic.”


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