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Lufthansa ready to unveil ‘new’ Germanwings


Details on rebranding and scheduling to be given in December

Lufthansa has confirmed plans, announced last month, to give all its non-hub short-haul services to its low-cost subsidiary Germanwings. Further details about rebranding Germanwings and about scheduling will be made public in December. The rebranding project is currently being termed Direct4you. Lufthansa says the Direct4you carrier will have 30 aircraft and offer “a quality product – reasonably priced but not cheap”, beginning from January 2013. Services operated by the regional subsidiary Eurowings will also be transferred to Direct4you.
The changes are designed to allow LH to focus on its long-haul business and domestic and European services from its Frankfurt and Munich hubs, which are unaffected by the new project.
“With this strategic move, we are establishing an important precondition for restoring our European flight operations to profitability,” Christoph Franz, Lufthansa’s group chairman and CEO, said. “With an enhanced brand identity and a corresponding product, Germanwings will combine all our point-to-point operations outside our hubs in a separate company. However, in order to achieve sustained success, it is important that we – together with the unions and employee representatives – can maintain the cost-effectiveness of Germanwings operations.”
[pictured: Germanwings A320]


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