Home News Lufthansa plans to outsource ground staff

Lufthansa plans to outsource ground staff


Some 1,500 ground staff to be put into separate companies

Lufthansa has plans to put around 1,500 ground staff at German airports into separate companies this year as it continues to find ways to cut costs, news agency Reuters reports.

Check-in and ticket sales employees at airports such as Berlin, Hamburg and Dusseldorf will be transferred to other companies, a spokesman for the airline said. The new companies would then compete with third-party providers for Lufthansa contracts – something the airline thinks may help it cut costs at medium-sized airports. The union Verdi has criticised the plans.

Lufthansa is trying to increase profits by €1.5 billion in 2015 compared with 2011, as part of its SCORE restructuring program. Other cost-cutting measures include expanding low-cost unit Germanwings, shortening aircraft turnaround times, cutting 3,500 back office jobs and even auctioning off business class seats.


[pictured: Lufthansa boarding passes; courtesy Lufthansa]


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