Home News Lufthansa pilots threaten more strikes this week

Lufthansa pilots threaten more strikes this week


Cost of strikes so far could be around €100 million

Lufthansa’s pilots are threatening to carry out more strikes this week if the airline refuses to resume negotiations over retirement benefits. The threat from the Vereinigung Cockpit union adds even more pressure on management following the eighth strike this year.

As previously reported, the walkout on Monday and Tuesday hit short-haul flights, widening to long-haul on Tuesday. It affected 166,000 passengers and forced Lufthansa to cancel more than 1,500 flights.

The strikes may push the airline to revise its profit target again. The cost of the strikes this year could be around €100 million, industry analysts say.

“We explicitly do not rule out further strikes this week if Lufthansa doesn’t budge,” union board member Markus Wahl told Reuters news agency.

But Lufthansa is reported to be standing by its last offer, made in September, where pilots can still retire early but at 60 not the current age of 55.


[pictured: Munich Airport; photo courtesy Lufthansa]


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