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Lufthansa open to mediation on pay


But mediation would not include use of temporary workers

Lufthansa says it is open to mediation, as damaging cabin-crew strike hits with greater intensity. Mediation would bring a temporary halt to the strikes while the two sides talk. The UFO union, which has the power to motivate around 18,000 flight attendants, is threatening the airline with a costly Germany-wide strike tomorrow, unless Lufthansa agrees to mediation.
Lufthansa’s passenger airlines executive, Peter Gerber, says he sees mediation as a “less than ideal solution”, because it would take a third-party mediator too long to understand the complex details of the airline’s pay structure. Lufthansa would agree to mediation only if it was restricted to matters of pay – and not including other issues the union wants to address, such as the use of temporary workers.
[pictured: Boeing 747-8; photo by Rolf Bewersdorf, courtesy Lufthansa]


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