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Lufthansa makes deals to end strikes


Airline agrees deal with cabin crew union; pilots are next
A deal has been reached between Lufthansa and its main cabin crew union UFO, putting an end to a long-running dispute over pay, pensions and conditions. Meanwhile, talks continue with the airline’s pilots.
The deal was reached with the help of a mediator, and the terms with formally be revealed next Tuesday after a few final minor details are worked out.
As Lufthansa tries to cut costs to better compete in Europe with low-cost and Middle Eastern rivals, it has said it is necessary to cancel a decades-old early retirement scheme.
This has been the main cause of the rift with UFO, since September 2013. The union organised the longest-ever strike in Lufthansa’s history last November.
A complex dispute with pilots, which stretches back even longer, could be resolved by the end of July, the airline said.


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