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Lufthansa fails to stop strikes, cancels 930 flights


Airline and union fight it out on the tarmac and in the courts
A further wave of flight cancellations are hitting 100,000 Lufthansa passengers today as 930 flights fail to get off the ground. A battle between the airline and the cabin-crew union UFO is also being waged in the German courts.
In a dispute that is costing Lufthansa an estimated $10 million a day, flight attendants are demanding that the airline stop its proposed cost-cutting changes to pay, pension benefits and retirement age policies.
Wednesday’s cancellations are again hitting Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf airports. Lufthansa says it will only return to the negotiating table if the union calls off the walkout. UFO vows to hit all of the airline’s long-haul and medium-haul flights from Wednesday until Friday.
Lufthansa won a minor legal victory on Tuesday when a court ruled that some strikes were illegal, arguing that UFO had not stated its demands with enough detail. But that only related to walkouts on Tuesday on flights out of Dusseldorf.
Meanwhile, another court ruled against Lufthansa’s bid for the strike to be halted, allowing the walkout to continue in Munich and Frankfurt. More court battles are expected.


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