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Lufthansa acts as wave of strikes looms


Airline seeks temporary injunction against “illegal” strike

Lufthansa is hurriedly seeking a temporary injunction against a one-hour strike scheduled by German air traffic controllers for January 29.

“From Lufthansa’s point of view, the announced industrial action by the GdF union is a ‘political strike’ and illegal,” an airline spokesman said, explaining that the strike was not related to pay or working conditions.

As previously reported, the Air Traffic Controllers European Unions Coordination, representing 14,000 flight overseers in 28 European countries, has called on members to strike on January 29 against planned European Commission safety and savings targets.

In addition, the European Transport Workers’ Federation has called its own day of action on January 30, while air traffic controllers in France are planning to strike between January 27 and January 31.

At a court in Munich, Lufthansa is seeking the injunction to prevent a strike by the German air traffic control union GdF called “in solidarity with French air traffic controllers” on January 29 between 08:00 and 09:00. The German air traffic control authority DFS is also seeking an injunction, to be heard today in Frankfurt.


[pictured: Munich Airport; photo courtesy Lufthansa]


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