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LSG Sky Chefs to buy Finnair catering


Lufthansa subsidiary is world’s biggest in-flight services provider

LSG Sky Chefs and Finnair have signed an agreement on the acquisition of Finnair’s catering operations Finnair Catering and Finncatering. LSG Sky Chefs, a Lufthansa subsidiary, is the world’s biggest provider of in-flight services, including catering, in-flight equipment and logistics, retail and on-board service management. Finnair says it will continue to buy its flight catering services from Finnair Catering. The deal is subject to the internal approval of the LSG Sky Chefs and Lufthansa boards and the competition authority of Finland, but is expected to be closed by the end of the first half of 2012.
Jochen Müller, executive board member at LSG Sky Chefs said that his company was “extremely pleased to be able to widen its operations to the strategically important Finnish market,” adding that “Finnair’s catering operations are well run, the personnel is very professional and the production facilities are state-of-the art.”
LSG Sky Chefs’ clients include more than 300 airlines worldwide. It operates around 200 customer service centres in 50 countries, producing around 460 million airline meals a year. Its revenues in 2010 were €2.2 billion.
[photo courtesy LSG Sky Chefs]


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