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Loyalty program trend among boutique hotels


Independent hotels challenge big names with programs

In a challenge to the loyalty programs offered by the world’s biggest hospitality brands, independent and boutique hotels are also now running their own successful versions.

Regular business travellers may already be members of big-name programs, but also enjoy stay at unique properties. They no longer have to choose between staying at a unique property and earning credits towards a free stay.

Stash Hotel Rewards, for example, is a three-year old program that has signed up more than 200 independent hotels. Guests who signed up for it spent around 50% more room nights on average and spent around 50% more over the course of a year than guests who didn’t sign up.

Other groups of hotels offering incentives to repeat customers include Leading Hotels of the World, which has a $150 annual membership fee and a free room night if guests stay five times a year. Preferred Hotel Group offers points per dollar spent at 450 of its 650 member hotels. Voila Hotel Rewards brings together around 100 hotels around the world.

International New York Times

[pictured: Hotel Griffon San Francisco]


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