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List of world’s “best small-scale cruises”


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Cruise in Sweden listed among Kerala, Cambodia and Cape Verde
The influential newspaper The Guardian has published a list of ten of the “best small-scale cruises worldwide”.
Cruising doesn’t need to mean massive ships with thousands of passengers, the article says. It can mean low-key boat trips with few fellow passengers and magnificent sights.
From the Nordics, listed is the Göta Canal Cruise, part of a 614-kilometre waterway linking Gothenburg to the Baltic, the cruise taking place on a steamer with castles, churches and villages floating by.
“The 25-cabin, 1912-built Wilhelm Tham has period furnishings and white tablecloths, and guests don’t have to help at any of the 44 locks,” the newspaper writes.
Another recommendation is a tour of the backwaters of Kerala, India, on a Kerala Houseboat Cruise.
“Most people just spend a night in Kerala’s palm-lined backwaters on a thatched houseboat, and stick to the busier channels. On this six-night trip, the crew will pilot your one-cabin boat through quiet canals to tourist-free temples and villages, and serve coconut-laced curries under the stars,” the description says.
Other cruises include the Croatian coast; the Mekong between Vietnam and Cambodia; Evia, Greece’s second-largest island, by caïque, a traditional wooden fishing boat; Senegal to Gambia; traditional Turkish sailing cruisers in Bodrum; island hopping in the Maldives; the mountains and lochs of the Hebrides in Scotland; the Nile temples in Egypt; and a six-island hop in Cape Verde. It can be read in full here.
The Guardian


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