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Linkedin – new travel industry sales tactic?


It can attract business partners and future employees

Linkedin, the world’s largest professional network site, can also be a sales tool. People in the travel trade are already using Facebook and Twitter. Similarly, Linkedin can attract business partners and future employees.

It has 175 million users, all of whom have a similar goal – to make valuable professional connections. What makes “social selling” via Linkedin different is the professional focus and connection filters. Networking is easy with people from similar backgrounds, employers, clients and the travel industry.

The publication eHotelier makes several recommendations.

Simply optimising your Linkedin profile is a first step, using keywords that a target market would use when searching for someone with your service.

Users can then create strategic alliances within the industry, making proposals of mutual benefit to professionals who are not direct market competitors.

Next, a search for sales opportunities could start by joining hospitality groups on Linkedin, increasing your audience. In hospitality, these might include Hotel Industry Professionals Worldwide; ehotelier.com Hoteliers & Hospitality Professionals; HoteLIers; Independent Hotel Owners; or Luxury Hotel Sales & Marketing Manager’s Club.

A connection request with a well thought message which sets you apart can be sent to target individuals. After connecting, build the relationship but without trying to sell anything, eHotelier suggests. Follow up if your target responds to any of your messages, suggesting a phone conversation or a meeting over coffee.



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