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LH allows electronic devices gate to gate


Use of electronic devices approved for Airbus flights

The number of routes on which Lufthansa passengers can use their smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other electronic devices uninterrupted for the entire time on board is set to increase significantly. From March 1 onwards, the airline will allow these devices to be used on all Airbus aircraft.

The German Federal Aviation Authority has approved the move. Passengers have already been able to use devices in flight mode on Boeing 747-8s from gate to gate since January.

Before this, all devices had to be completely switched off during take-off and landing. With permission now granted for the Airbus fleet, usage will soon be possible on almost 250 Lufthansa aircraft. Lufthansa is also seeking approval for other aircraft types as soon as possible.

Out of consideration for other passengers, telephone calls will still not be allowed during the flight. For calls, all long-haul aircraft provide satellite-linked phones, which can be used by all passengers during the flight at a charge.


[pictured: Lufthansa Business Class; photo courtesy Lufthansa]


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