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Less Swedes moving to Norway


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“Labour market in Sweden is pretty good right now”: official
The lowest number of Swedes moving to Norway in a decade was registered in 2016, precisely 2,467 of them, or 70% fewer than in the peak year of 2008.
The number of Swedes relocating to Norway last year was a little over 300 more than the Norwegians moving to Sweden.
“The main reason is that the labour market in Sweden is pretty good right now,” explains Irene Wennemo, state secretary at the Swedish Labour Ministry.
While 2,467 Swedes moved to Norway in 2016, 3,242 returned home, putting net immigration at minus 1,167 people.
A reverse trend is happening in the other direction, with 2,145 Norwegians moving to Sweden and 1,444 Norwegians returning home.
“We also had a very big youth boom for youngsters born between 1988 and 1992, who were all seeking work at the same time,” said Wennemo. “There was high unemployment, and many travelled to Norway to find a job. But now they don’t need to go to Norway anymore.”
In Norway, Swedes are the fourth largest immigration group after Somalis, Lithuanians and Poles.
P4 / NTB / Norway Today


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