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Lego playhouse to open in Billund


Design will resemble giant Lego bricks
A new playhouse for Lego fans will open at the company’s headquarters in Billund on September 28, looking like it was built with giant Lego bricks.
Designed by Danish architects Bjarke Ingels Group, the Lego House will resemble 21 massive interlocking bricks. There will be no visible interior columns, giving a feeling of open space, while the façade will be tiled to give the impression the building is made of thousands of Lego pieces.
The 2000m2 structure will have four coloured ‘experience zones’ – the Red Zone, for example, will feature an unending stream of bricks – and in the ‘masterpiece gallery’ visitors can show off their creations.
A central square will be free to enter, but the experience zones will have an entry fee.
“This will be an amazing place where Lego fans, their families and friends can experience – or re-experience – the playfulness of the Lego universe,” said Jesper Vilstrup, general manager of the Lego House.
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