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Legendary golf course turning into an icon


GameBook provides live scoring in Ullna’s opening event

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – One of the Europe’s best golf course, the legendary Ullna Golf Club re-opens its door after being closed almost two years because the Jack Nicklaus’ re-design. Nicklaus Design has created something very special with Sven Tumba’s original design. And the special in the opening event is its live scoring as well. Finnish innovation called Golf GameBook provides the opening events live scoring with its own smartphone application. This makes it possible for all the golf lovers to follow scores and comment play in real time on Saturday.

Not only on Saturday, but GameBook will also provide live scoring for several events at Ullna GC on next week. Sweden’s golf media can also experience golf like never before in Media Trophy event, as the Golf GameBook provides its live scoring on next Thursday. A re-designed Ullna’s course looks phenomenal, and Ullna’s Sales Manager Jörgen Årker is excited about the added value that GameBook brings to these first events.

”Ullna Golf Club has always been a leader in corporate golf events – and with GameBook´s innovative live scoring system we are taking the events to an even higher level! The technical side of golf is growing fast, and GameBook’s service brings added value for our customers. Furthermore it makes the events easier to manage and gives us more time to focus on our customers!”, says Åker.

“Not only the participants in the event can follow and track scores live straight from their smartphones – also their friends and colleagues around the world can follow it! We’re very excited here at Ullna to get GameBook to organize our live scoring. This is a fantastic product, which makes this great game even greater!”, Åker anneals.

An Award-Winning App for Golfers

GameBook is not just an event app – it’s the world’s best golf app that is designed for all the individual golfers around the world. Golfers have been waiting for a long time the golf app that could give a live leaderboard for them during a round with multiple groups on the course. And social media is involved in just about every aspect of life nowadays. GameBook has it all – it’s like every golfer’s Facebook, the world’s most popular virtual golf community.

The app really understands what golfers want. Founded by PGA professionals, former PGA European Tour players Kalle Vainola & Mikko Manerus realized that golf should be even more fun and enjoyable for everyone, no matter the player’s skill level. One goal is to attract more golfers to start the game and engage the lapsed as golf become more appealing with sophisticated mobile and online solutions.

Golfers wanted an app that could input golf scores from each group then display them all, quickly and easily, on a live leaderboard – just like the professional tournaments we see on TV. The Golf Gamebook app does exactly that. Golf has officially gone high-tech!

“Sweden has been one of our most important markets since we started our business in 2010, and it still is – even harder. Swedes are open-minded and happy to try out new things. Golf goes mobile pretty fast and GameBook is at the forefront. We want to show people that you don’t need an old paper card anymore – all you need is your smartphone and the Golf GameBook app, and we promise we will add lot more fun to your everyday golf round. The app and it’s use is totally free so everyone should try it out. But I warn you: it is a very addictive!”, says GameBook Ltd’s CEO Kalle Vainola.

So, in a nutshell, with Golf GameBook you can:

– Keep score for individual or team games with the real-time leaderboard

– Choose from many popular game formats such as Stroke Play, Stableford, Skins or Better Ball

– Create your own tournament for friends or golf leagues

– Share your scores and games across your social networks

– IM with other golfers or friends to share your best or worst moments on the course

– Speed up your game with the app’s slick, easy-to-use interface making score input simpler

– Schedule next round, share results and analyse game with ‘The GameBook Clubhouse’ online golfing community

GameBook’s homepage: www.golfgamebook.com

Get the app from the AppStore, Google Play or from Samsung Apps
Golf GameBook on Facebook: www.facebook.com/golfgamebook
On Twitter: twitter.com/golfgamebook

For more information, contact:

Kalle Väinölä

CEO, GameBook Ltd.

PGA Member

Tel. +358 400 955 955

mailto: kalle@golfgamebook.com


Golf GameBook is an award-winning golf scoring app for everyone to share his or her golf experiences on and off the golf course. It’s your personal Clubhouse in your pocket. With Golf GameBook golf crosses social media! It’s a FREE app available on the Samsung Apps, Google Play and AppStore. With Golf GameBook app you can keep score for yourself, within, group or set up hole-by-hole live scoring for multiple groups at the same time. An easy mobile scorecard, all popular game formats, score calculation, stats tracking, chat, social networks and much more – for individual and team games! GameBook is a registered trademark of GameBook Oy, Finland.


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