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Lapland hosts slalom race for Audi FIS Ski World Cup 2012/2013


Technically located in the Finnish region of Lapland, Levi is situated more than a hundred miles inside the Arctic Circle, making the World Cup Levi the most northerly Alpine Ski World Cup on earth. This year’s event is scheduled to take place from 9th to 11th November, 2012.

Alpine skiing fans are particularly enthused at the prospects of this year’s events because the Levi Ski World Cup in 2011 had to be cancelled due to the warm temperatures that made a snow-skiing race impractical. For the 2012 edition of the Levi World Cup, the ski resort has improved its system for making snow.

The new equipment is already in place, meaning that enough snow to cover the Levi Black slope can be produced within just a few days. This will help to make sure that the 2012 FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Levi is able to go ahead as scheduled, even if the unseasonable temperatures of 2011 were to make a repeat appearance.

The ski resort of Levi is expecting that as many as 20,000 visitors will arrive to witness the exciting alpine skiing action in person. Television coverage of the event, meanwhile, should reach more than 200 million individuals located in 20 nations around the world. To date, almost 160 racers have signed up to participate, with this number very nearly equally split between male and female competitors.

Racing action is likely to be intense, which is entirely expected on a course where the angle of steepness exceeds 50 degrees at times, and the total vertical drop for the entire course is more than 175 metres.

For additional information on the course and the event visit http://www.skisport.fi/worldcuplevi/en/ and http://www.fisalpine.com/news/levi-enhances-snow-making,1985.html.

This Lapland news update was issued by the The White Circle, specialists in unique winter activity experiences for adults.


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