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Lapland experiences busy winter traffic


Hundreds of charter flights in November-December

The winter season for air traffic in Lapland will be busier than ever this year. The number of charter flights during Christmas will be at least at the same level as last year, the airport service provider Finavia estimates – meaning several hundred charter flights in November and December.
“Based on the volume of chartered flights, Lapland and Northern Finland will have a busy winter season,” Joni Sundelin, director at Finavia, said. “The fact that the number of chartered flights will be at the same level as last year indicates that Lapland still remains an appealing destination for foreigners, and not even the uncertain global economy has had a mentionable impact on the number of chartered flights.”
However, Finavia has been notified about charter flights later than before. This is due to the fact that many incoming tourists are reserving trips with tour operators later than before and closer to the time when the trip takes place. The UK still remains the busiest market.
Rovaniemi (333,000 passengers) and Kittilä (200,000) airports are getting the highest number of charter flights between late November and early January. Finavia estimates that both airports will get a total of around 130 charter flights – an increase of 10% in Rovaniemi on last year but around the same in Kittilä. Ivalo and Enontekiö will both get about 50 charter flights during the season, while Kuusamo has strengthened its position by getting a total of about 20 chartered flights – double the figure last year.
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[pictured: Rovaniemi Airport; courtesy Finavia]


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