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Lapland bookings up as tourists seek white Christmas


More tourists demand festive experience holidays for families
There has been a surge in the number of December holiday bookings to Finnish Lapland, with a 95% increase since 2013, British package holiday bargain site Holiday Hypermarket reports.
Recent data released by the travel retailer shows that 2015 has seen a 42% growth in bookings to the Nordics’ northernmost region, showing that Lapland is becoming an increasingly popular destination for winter holidays.
The majority of these bookings are for families, logical given the fact that Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus.
Rovaniemi Tourism and Marketing says that in 2014 more than 16,500 British tourists visited the town in December alone. They predict that this figure will increase in 2015 due to the growing demand for festive experience holidays.
Travellers from abroad account for more than 56% of all overnight stays in Rovaniemi, with the town making way for more than 280,000 foreign visitors each year.
However, Kittila has proved to be a slightly more popular destination in 2015, with a 53% share of Holiday Hypermarket’s Finland bookings. The increased interest in this destination can be related to NASA’s 2014 announcement that we are beyond the peak of the current Solar Maximum. Experts have predicted that intense displays of the Northern Lights are likely to occur as the Solar Cycle starts to decline.


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