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KLM welcomes new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Embraer 175

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines further expanded its fleet, welcoming its seventh Boeing 787 Dreamliner this morning, while its third Embraer 175 will arrive this evening.
KLM’s seventh Boeing 787 Dreamliner is called “Jasmine”.
Jasmine is a blooming creeper with innumerable white flowers, which give off an intoxicating scent. The plant originates from South Asia. There are numerous species, including the Arabian jasmine and star jasmine.
All of KLM’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners are named after flowers or blooming plants, including the Sunflower, Carnation, Bougainville, Dalia, Hibiscus and Mimosa. KLM’s eighth new Dreamliner is expected to arrive in late September.
Embraer 175
KLM will take delivery of its third Embraer 175 this evening. The fourth Embraer 175 is expected to arrive at Schiphol in October. KLM will expand its fleet with a total of 15 Embraer 175s through 2018.


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