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KLM offers trip to space as prize


Just guess the height a balloon will pop

A journey aboard the first commercial flight into space is the prize in a new competition organised by KLM. The worldwide competition involves correctly answering a single question on a website specially designed for the purpose – space.klm.com – for which the winner will enjoy a suborbital flight.
The question? Guess the height at which a high-altitude balloon, to be released above the Nevada desert by KLM on April 22, will pop and fall back to Earth.
This is the latest in a string of marketing events for the first commercial space flights, which are being planned by both KLM and Virgin Galactic. KLM’s competition offers a seat on a Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) Lynx spaceship, which has room for one passenger and one astronaut and will launch from Curacao in the Dutch Caribbean. What is being marketed as the first commercial flight to space departs on 1 January 2014, lasting about an hour, with tickets normally costing $95,000.
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