Home News Keeping 35 unions in SAS costs millions

Keeping 35 unions in SAS costs millions


Costs include hiring crew and time off for union reps

The 35 unions in SAS are expensive, the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv writes, costing well over 100 million kroons a year. Documents the newspaper has obtained show that more than this figure has been used up in the past year in the form of redeeming employees, hiring pilots and cabin crew, on overtime pay and compensatory time off for union representatives – not to mention a monthly salary.
Last year alone, SAS had to “rent” 11,000 pilot hours to cover for trade union work. This corresponds, according to the newspaper, to around SEK 120 million (€14 million).
“If SAS has the need to meet us at any time then we do not fly,” Jens Lippestad, chairman of the Norwegian pilots’ association, tells Dagens Næringsliv.
Dagens Næringsliv


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