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Kaliningrad and KGB to boost tourism


Oblast moves to reduce restricted border zone

The government of the Kaliningrad region will sign an agreement with the regional Federal Security Service (FSB), the successor agency to the KGB, to reduce the border zone where foreign citizens are controlled by 60%. Currently there are many settlements within the border zone, including a number of Baltic Sea beach locales. The zone is “wrapped” inside the perimeter of the border – an area that allows the free stay of foreigners without special permission from the FSB.
This became an issue for example in 2009, when the consuls of Poland and Germany in Kaliningrad could not reach an official meeting in memory of Holocaust victims in Yantarniy because special permits were lacking.
The Kaliningrad border zone was reduced in May last year, resulting in foreigners being able to access 23 kilometres of beaches on the Baltic Sea in Yantarniy, Svetlogorsk and Zelenograd. But there are calls to cut the zone even further. Around half a million tourists visit Kaliningrad each year.
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[pictured: Kaliningrad’s old cathedral]


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