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Japan targets visitors with ninja tourism


Many parts of the country have rich connection with ninjas
Travel agents in Japan are working with ninja experts to launch the government-backed Ninja Nippon Project to attract visitors to Japanese cities with ninja roots, TTG Asia reports.
Many places across the country have a rich connection with ninjas, such as Iga in Mie Prefecture, dubbed ‘Ninja City’. A series of ninja-themed tours in five areas will start in May.
Hiroshi Mizohata, chair of the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau and vice president of the Japan Ninja Council, will introduce the tours by leveraging the success of experimental tours launched last year.
“Ninjas are very popular abroad so by making ninja-theme tours we hope to offer enjoyable trips for inbound visitors,” said Masakuni Mori of Tokyo-based Tobu Top Tours, which is working with the Japan Ninja Council to develop two tours.
“The tours will offer sightseeing in towns related to ninja heritage, and allow visitors to [try out] ninja weapons such as throwing stars.”
The 2D/1N ‘circular tour’ will showcase multiple regions and their differences related to ninja history and culture, while a ‘stay tour’ will target visitors seeking a deeper knowledge of ninja culture with stays in one ninja region for five to seven days.
The tours are also in keeping with Japan’s recent efforts to publicise lesser-known parts of the country.
TTG Asia


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