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Island of Bornholm is a foodie’s delight


Restaurants push Bornholm into gastronomy premier league

On most Danish maps, the island of Bornholm occupies little more than a box. But it takes a central part in Danish hearts as a holiday destination – and, increasingly, a destination for foodies, the esteemed British newspaper the Guardian reports.

Excellent local producers and restaurants are pushing Bornholm into the premier league of the country’s gastronomy, such as Stammershalle Badehotel on the north coast and Kadeau in the south.

Sol over Gudhjem – which translates as “sun over God’s home” – is a port town famous for its traditional smoked herring dish. The island’s oldest smokehouse is in Gudhjem, a town on the north coast, where herring are speared, dried for 90 minutes and smoked over alder wood until they turn golden.

“It has to be served the old-fashioned way, on freshly baked rye bread, with chives and raw egg yolk on top,” says Ole who runs the smokehouse ovens. “That’s the way to do it.”

In the town of Allinge people flock to Gæstgiveren, an inn where Danish pop stars give concerts and barbecues make the most of local food.

But at the other end of the scale, the fine-dining restaurant Kadeau has really thrown the culinary spotlight on Bornholm, with “langoustines in a rich bouillon of shrimp and seaweed; slow-cooked egg yolk with pureed black trumpet mushrooms and porridge of local grains; smoked mackerel with hemp,” the Guardian writes.

The Guardian

[pictured: Kadeau restaurant; courtesy Kadeau]


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