Home News Is Xaysomboun Asia’s next new destination?

Is Xaysomboun Asia’s next new destination?


Laos pushes little-known province as future destination

The little-known province of Xaysomboun will be thrown into the spotlight when Laos launches Visit Xaysomboun Year in 2015, although poor tourism infrastructure threatens to disrupt the campaign.

Situated near the capital Vientiane, the province boasts many unexploited tourism sites and stunning natural scenery, including the cave of King Anouvong and Phou Bia, Laos’ highest mountain peak.

“Xaysomboun has a population of more than 81,000 people and many ethnic groups of which visitors can explore their unique traditions and customs,” declared Vonepadith Dalanouvong, director of the Xaysomboun Provincial Department of Information, Culture and Tourism.

“We will build roads to connect the province with all other provinces. We also plan to build an airport to facilitate visitors and investors who are interested in coming to the province,” the province’s governor Sombath Yialiher said.

He recently gave the go-ahead for the construction of three new roads from the town of Anouvong in the hopes of building tourist numbers by easing access.

However, Laurent Granier, general manager of Laos Mood Travel, was less optimistic, saying: “Well, it is not going to change the future of travel to Laos! The current road between Pakxan and Phonsavan is in poor state despite being newly built, and during the wet season it is virtually impossible to venture there.”

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[pictured: Buddha Park, Laos; Wikimedia]


  1. I just came back from there and rest assured, there is no reason whatsoever to go there. A few guest houses are available, the culinary front is covered by Pho- and Ricedish vendors at the market and that’s it. Traveling from Thabok to Anouvong passes a nice National Park but without guidance it is a lost game as well.


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