Home News Is this the “airline seat of the future”?

Is this the “airline seat of the future”?


Airline seats that adapt to passengers’ needs

Seats in economy have a reputation for being inflexible, uncomfortable and cramped. But a British design firm claims to have found a solution.

The “Morph” seating concept created by Seymourpowell but still in the initial concept phase can change into a different shape according to whoever is sitting on it.

“Passengers who can afford premium, business or first class have a choice and hence some control over their own experience,” Jeremy Powell, head of transport at Seymourpowell, said. “Morph is a solution – a standard product that meets the needs of lots of different kinds of people.”

Instead of a trio of individual seats, Morph is more of a bench seat with a single piece of fabric for the front and another for the back. Armrests and dividers keep the fabric in place.

Mechanized seat formers under the fabric can be adjusted up, down and forwards to give passengers the seat size that best suits them. The width can also be changed so that children, for example, can have narrower seats and their accompanying adults a little extra room.

Yahoo! New Zealand

[photo courtesy Seymourpowell]


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