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Intense battle for medical tourists in Asia


Singapore and Thailand compete in medical tourism
The number of medical tourism enquiries in Singapore has increased by 93% in the past two years, new research suggests. But enquiries in Thailand from overseas patients have increased by as much as 260% during the same period.
Thailand now gets eight times more medical tourism enquiries than Singapore, according to the research by medical tourism search engine WhatClinic.com, which lists over 125,000 private clinics on its site.
India, Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines are all top source countries for patients travelling to both Singapore and Thailand, and competition for these patients is intense, especially in high-end dental and plastic surgery. Medical tourism to Singapore faces ongoing competition as more patients opt to shop around.
In analysis of more than a quarter of a million patient enquiries to clinics made around the world, the site confirms that while medical tourism to Singapore is still relatively strong, patients are contacting clinics in Thailand in much higher volumes.
Thailand has made concerted efforts to develop itself as a medical tourism destination and an overwhelming 83% of all patient enquiries to clinics in Thailand came from overseas, compared to just 20% of Singapore enquiries.
“Singapore has long had a reputation for medical excellence, and we are still seeing a significant portion of patients looking to Singapore for their elective surgical and non-surgical needs,” said Caelen King, chief executive of WhatClinic.com.
“However, many of these patients are also looking to Thailand and other areas for competitive quotes. International competition for Singapore’s medical tourism market is certainly hotting up, with key treatments such as dental implants and liposuction driving demand.”
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