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INK Hotel Amsterdam recruits with a casting call!

In the heart of Amsterdam, you’ll find a one a kind address. What could be more natural than to recruit new coworkers in a an unconventional way? This is the hotel’s staff way of thinking! Would you like to take a tour? 
The bohemian-chic, four-star INK Hotel Amsterdam is thoroughly different. Housed in the former building of the Dutch newspaper De Tijd, it takes travellers on a journey that challenges the traditional notions of hospitality, offering them an unprecedented experience.
Let’s go back in time for a minute. In December 2014, in order to swell their ranks, the establishment staged a casting call to identify strong personalities matching its image — generation Y and Z with a passion for the hotel business who feel inspired by the staff-guest relationship.
After posting a video on their social networks, the INK hotel Amsterdam received many applications in the form of poems, videos, newspaper articles, etc. On casting day, 125 people showed in the Northern part of Amsterdam. They went through interviews, fulfilled a group task, acted out in stand-up comedy, and developed moodboards.
As a result, the hotel hired a young and vibrant staff of 60 (55% are women and 45% men). Now it’s up to you to discover these unique and passionate employees!


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