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Inflight magazines continue to reach high-end consumers


The latest EMS Europe 2012 results have been released and inflight magazines once again confirm their robustness to reach the most high-end consumers and top business decision-makers.Of the top 13% of adults in 17 x European countries, inflight magazines dominate the market with 15.9% share and 31.6% on the top 3% EMS Select target.

The biggest players are major national European airline publications: Lufthansa Magazine with 1.43 million monthly readers; Air France Magazine with 969,000 readers; British Airways’ High Life and Business Life magazines with 632,000 and 611,000 readers respectively.

Again this year, inflight magazines emerge as key players in their ability to reach an upmarket, European target. They also prove to be complementary to pan-European business titles, such as Time (1.56 million readers) and The Economist (1.34 million readers). Of the top 3% Select target, Lufthansa magazine ranks first with an audience of 581,000 readers, before The Economist and Time, with 513,000 and 501,000 readers respectively.

For advertisers who wish to reach the highly selective C-Suite worldwide 50+ target, let us remember that 33.9% of them read European inflight magazines and 20.6% read pan-European weeklies and fortnightlies (Bloomberg Business Week, The Economist, Newsweek, Time, Forbes and Fortune).



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