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Indonesia to expand attractions in Bali


Tourism development boosted at three destinations

Indonesia says that three new areas in Bali are among a total of 16 tourism destinations nationwide that it now categorises as national tourism strategic areas, prioritised for further development up to 2015. The country’s Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry is to conduct studies on the further development of Sanur in Denpasar, Batur in Bangli Regency and Menjangan in Buleleng Regency as the three new areas for tourism in Bali. Indonesia currently has around 88 tourism destinations, some of which have shown significant growth in recent years, while some others are developing slowly.
“Despite possessing huge potential, some of these destinations have weak planning, infrastructure, facilities and promotional packaging,” the ministry’s director of destination planning and tourism investment, Lokot Ahmad Enda, admitted. “So we need to encourage their development.”
By defining Sanur, Batur and Menjangan as strategic areas for tourism, the ministry intends to make detailed studies on each area to set up a blueprint for their individual development, and then to assist in the development of their facilities and human resources. The studies will be conducted in 2013 for a period of one year.
At the moment, Batur suffers from poor sanitation, beggars and unfriendly souvenir sellers, yet due to its scenery it has obvious potential. Menjangan is a small island in northern Bali that offers scenic undersea vistas but little transport infrastructure. Sanur is a comparatively well-known fishing village that has steadily grown into a destination sought out for its sunrises and white sandy beach. Lokot said that Sanur needed further study to understand what the local community wants from the further development of tourism.
The Jakarta Post
[pictured: Odalan Temple anniversary procession; photo by Midori]


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