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Illegal trade of elephants at cattle fair must end

We have urged the Chief Minister of Bihar, India, to stop the illegal trade of elephants at the Sonepur fair
Every November on Kartik Poornima (full moon day), the world-famous Sonepur fair, which is known as the biggest cattle fair in Asia, takes place in Bihar, India.
Last year around 14 elephants were displayed at the event. Sadly, these majestic animals experience tremendous suffering when they are displayed, due to wounds caused by travelling to the fair in cramped conditions, as well as being beaten with bull hooks and sharpened bamboo sticks during a training process called ‘the crush’. Constant public probing also adds to their distress. These animals are often caught from the wild before being subjected to ‘the crush’, which breaks them into human submission. There are reports that these elephants have been bought by traders in Kerala, Nepal and Rajasthan.
The elephant is listed in the schedule 1 of the Wildlife Protection Act of India, 1972 and is also revered in Indian culture. We have written to the Chief Minister of Bihar to take whatever possible action to ensure that the illegal trade of elephants that takes place in the Sonepur fair is stopped.
Wildlife belongs in the wild. Learn more about our Wildlife Not Entertainers campaign. #NotEntertainers


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