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Icelandair: Traffic data December 2015

The Company carried 185 thousand passengers on international flights in December. The number of passengers was up by 16% as compared to December last year. The capacity increase totalled 15% between years. The passenger load factor was 79.2% compared to 78.7% in December 2014.
The Company has never carried more passengers on international flights than in 2015.  The total number of passengers carried was 3.1 million, an increase by 18% from 2014. The passenger load factor for 2015 was 83.1%, the highest load factor until now.  The increase from last year was 2.7 percentage points.
Passengers on regional flights and Greenland flights were almost 18 thousand in December, which is 3% decrease from December last year. The capacity was decreased by 9% compared to December 2012. The load factor was 70.5%, increasing by 4.2 percentage points from last year. Sold block hours in charter flights increased by 10% between years. Cargo transport increased by 7% year-on-year. The room utilization at the Company’s Hotels was 60.7%, compared to 55.8% in December last year.


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