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Icelandair confirms deal for MAX8 and MAX9


Commitment for 12 planes valued at $1.2 billion at list prices

Icelandair Group and Boeing have signed a commitment for eight 737 MAX8 and four 737 MAX9 aircraft, with purchase rights for an additional 12 aircraft. These aircraft types are new variants of the Boeing 737, due to enter service from 2017. The first delivery to Icelandair is scheduled for the first half of 2018.
The commitment for the 12 aircraft is valued at $1.2 billion at Boeing list prices, but the actual purchase price is confidential. The acquisition will partly be funded by the company’s own internal resources, partly by commercial banks.
The MAX8 flies 153 passengers in Icelandair’s setup and the MAX9 can hold 172 passengers. In comparison, Icelandair’s current Boeing 757-200s hold 183 passengers. The Boeing 737 MAX is a new, improved and longer-reaching version of the regular 737. It has new engines that deliver greater efficiency and will see 13% per seat fuel-use improvement from today’s aircraft. Icelandair says that fuel savings compared to its existing fleet of Boeing 757s is more than 20% per seat.
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[pictured: Icelandair Boeing 737 MAX; courtesy Boeing]


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