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Icelandair’s Northern Lights lighting enhances brand


Airline plans to install new mood lighting system on 18 B757s

Mood lighting is becoming a standard feature on new aircraft, and some airlines are also retrofitting lighting in their older cabins. Virgin America has iconic red and purple lighting – a bit like entering a flying nightclub – and other airlines are inventing their own signature cabin lighting.

“Airlines should use mood lighting as an integral part of the brand presentation, or as association with origin,” says Daniel Baron, founder of Tokyo-based design agency LIFT Strategic Design. “As systems become more sophisticated and available on more aircraft as line-fit items, meaningful differentiation with the lighting, i.e., not just as a novelty, will become the norm.”

Earlier this year, Icelandair, which markets itself as a stopover carrier between Europe and North America, revealed the first full-spectrum mood lighting system on a Boeing 757 by aviation services provider EMTEQ. The airline plans to install the system on 18 B757s. Dynamic colours and intensity levels create a custom-made Northern Lights scene of shades of blue and green that dance through the cabin.

Finnair is also working on creating Northern Lights-inspired mood lighting for its new A350s.

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[photo courtesy Icelandair Hotels]


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