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Iceland in Top 10 travel list for 2013


Iceland is “strange land that inspires devotion”

Summarised as a “strange land that inspires devotion”, Iceland has been placed in a list of Lonely Planet’s top 10 countries for travel in 2013. Listed as being best for activities, getting off the beaten track and value for money, the travel guide publisher says: “Ask any tourist during your trip to Iceland and you’ll quickly see that everyone develops an unconditional love for the little island nation, whether it’s for the mind-bending scenery, the platefuls of delicious lamb and fish dishes, or the sincere local hospitality.”
It contunes: “The currency crash – which effectively devalued the króna by 75% – also helped make a trip much more favourable to the wallet. As the global economy starts to heal, prices are climbing once more. The spoils of Iceland are no longer a secret, but they’re still yours for the taking – and in 2013 you’ll still be well ahead of the curve.”
Other nations in the top 10 include Sri Lanka, a “cut-price paradise back on the map”; Montenegro, an “emerging superstar with wild beauty”; Dominican Republic, “the Caribbean’s ‘Next Big Thing’”; the Solomon Islands, “the South Pacific as it used to be”; and South Korea, Ecuador, Slovakia, Turkey and Madagascar.
Lonely Planet
[pictured: Dynjandi waterfalls; courtesy Western Fjords Iceland]


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