Home News Iberia pilots: 30 days of more strikes

Iberia pilots: 30 days of more strikes


Airline condemns union’s “irresponsible and uncompromising position”

With the aim of protesting against the launch of the low-cost carrier Iberia Express this week, pilots working for Iberia say they will strike for another 30 days. Represented by the union Sepla, they say that Iberia is using the new airline to slash costs and wages. The pilots say they will strike every Monday and Friday between April 9 and July 20 unless agreement is reached. The union has already held 12 days of strikes since December.
Iberia “condemns the irresponsible and uncompromising position of the Sepla pilots union”, which “by any reckoning is unjustified, damaging and disproportionate.” It is asking the union to continue negotiations.
[pictured: Iberia Airbus 319]


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