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Iberia announces 3807 job cuts


It had earlier announced plans to cut 4500 jobs

Iberia will cut its workforce by exactly 3807, positions for which it has now started “the formal process of collective redundancy”. It has handed the documents to unions, starting a 30-day consultancy period. However, the airline says that pay cuts, new productivity and mobility clauses will keep redundancies to a minimum. In November, Iberia had announced plans to cut 4500 jobs.
The announcement comes after Iberia failed to reach agreement with unions on its restructuring plan. Its most recent offer was to cut 3147 jobs through early retirement, with no redundancies, and to cut wages, but unions rejected the offer.
“Alongside the redundancies, Iberia is offering a social plan,” an Iberia spokeswoman said. “If wage cuts and productivity gains can be agreed with the unions the number of redundancies can be reduced. Otherwise the redundancies will go ahead.”
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