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IATA`s AGM creates new opportunities for travel agents


Aviation is the most exiting business on earth. Would you not agree? Some say that every 9th person on earth is working directly or indirectly in the tourism industry and aviation surely is the most prestigious segment in it. But not everyone can make it to the top.


Airlines and Travel agents alike are looking for the top people to lead and form the industry. We are soon facing a large generation switch and the travel business is in need for well educated and experienced people. IATA is a spearhead of the industry and we feel it is our obligation to ensure that we do not run out of talent. Our Training and Development Institute (ITDI) is tasked to retain talent and help professionals enhance their skills. ITDI courses cover all aviation industry segments. Various training solutions and professional development programs are offered, be it in classrooms, in-company, or at home via technology-powered solutions. We are embracing the newest technologies and trends. Our E-learning solutions feature breakthroughs like the use of the new iPad™ package for Aviation training to mention one.

Your talent is needed in the industry. We can support it with a knowledge base and together create careers of the future. In doing so we will together move the industry forward.

Most of us are keen to fuel our future careers but the majority of us will not be able to attend our prestigious courses at the Oxford University or the University of Geneva. Nevertheless, the industry equally values our graduates from distance learning programs. Here we educate in three different areas: Travel and Tourism courses range from GDS and Tariff courses to Agency Management. Aviation courses cover topics from Airline Marketing to Ground Operations Management and finally Cargo Training Programs offer three core courses and the Dangerous Goods Regulations. The time is now! Contact us at info.se@iata.org and shape your and our future.

The IATA ID Card goes hand in hand with ITDI’ s objective to strive for professionalism by offering a reduction on a wide selection of travel & tourism training courses for IDCard holders. Additionally the IDCard complements such training with the opportunity to obtain practical know-how by experiencing the products travel agents sell on a daily basis. Industry suppliers worldwide rely on the IATA IDCard to promote their concessionary travel offers to agents helping them to become and remain an accomplished sales expert. Find out more on the IATA IDCard on www.iata.org/idcard.

Whilst IATA’s Training and Development Institute is a fundamental to competency in the job, the IATA IDCard ensures that the profession of the travel agent is recognized in the industry and provides access to numerous benefits in travel.


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