Home Press Releases IATA: Airlines Financial Monitor – April 2013

IATA: Airlines Financial Monitor – April 2013


Key points:

·         Airline share prices are up 12% this year, outperforming the market as investors take a positive view on restructuring efforts;
·         Initial Q1 financial results show operating profit improvement in the US, but signs of weakness in other regions;
·         Jet fuel prices fell almost 20% in April compared to the February peak, as expectations of growing non-OPEC oil supplies are combined with a weakening demand outlook;
·         Passenger travel continues to increase strongly in line with improvements in business confidence;
·         By contrast, air freight markets stalled in March as Europe and the US experienced economic setbacks;
·         Passenger capacity expanded with further growth in the in-service fleet, while freight capacity declined in response to weakening demand;
·         Passengers load factors remain strong and close to 80%, while freight load factors remain at their lowest levels since the post-crisis recovery;
·         Passenger yields continue to trend upward in 2013, with current levels showing improvement on a year ago.


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